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Scott Smith

In the 1990's, Scott launched the nation's first mixed-property commercial mortgage conduit and secured a billion dollar line of credit from DLJ. His model for securitizing loans was rapidly adopted by Wall Street and remains the cornerstone for mortgage-backed securities today. Later, he helped structure the financing for President Nelson Mandela’s Redevelopment Program.

Later, Scott founded Kidz Magazine, an early example of user-generated content. The publication grew to 30 nations, with a readership in the millions. Later, his work in education led him to co-found two charter schools, Summit Middle School and Peak-to-Peak Charter School, the latter of which is ranked among the top 30 schools in the nation by Time Magazine and U.S. News & World Report.

As a managing member of C Squared Fund, Scott founded and financed several technology companies including FinaTech, a platform that brings structured finance into the world of private equity, Massively Parallel Technologies, a platform for automating the management and modernization of legacy code, and Fathym, a platform for automating the development of solutions for the Internet of Things.

Through The Foundation For a Better Economy, Scott supports The Financial Freedom Act, a solution for revamping the nation’s tax and banking system. He is the author of "The New Operating System For the American Economy," which sets forth his proposal to eliminate income taxes, while raising sufficient revenue with a minuscule payments tax to balance the budget and provide basic income, free healthcare, and free college.