The partner bank that's not a bank

Built on Trust

Move beyond the bank.

Reserve Trust is the first fintech trust company with a Federal Reserve master account. We provide payments services that financial institutions and fintechs have previously only been able to obtain from correspondent and sponsor banks.

01 -- HOw we’re different
Cloud Payments

Reserve Trust

partners with companies that need to embed domestic and cross-border payments, bypassing traditional banks and offering direct access to key high value payment rails.

Built on a Trust Charter

, Reserve Trust is a regulated financial institution.
02 -- HOw It Works
Unique Capabilities — With a Direct Federal Reserve Connection

Reserve Trust

is creating technologies and services that enable U.S. and international companies to seamlessly move money via the first cloud-based payment system connected directly to the Federal Reserve.

Our unique trust structure

allows customers to store funds in custodial accounts that are backed by Reserve Trust’s Federal Reserve master account, and to transfer funds via ACH, FedWire, SWIFT, and other emerging payment systems.
03 -- What's Coming Up
At the Foundation of the Fintech Future

Today, Reserve Trust provides Correspondent Payment services

, including Domestic and International payments via Wire and ACH, and asset custody services to select financial institutions and licensed payment companies around the world.

Unconstrained by legacy banking systems

, and backed by some of the world’s best financial technology investors, Reserve Trust is actively building new services, APIs, and payment rails to support embedded and real time payments for any fintech service or software platform.
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